Industrial Installation

Industrial Installation

MEC’ALP Industrie works with its customers, designers and producers, providing equipment and thereby allowing them to remain focused on design. This equipment is installed in customers’ plants and final production sites in France and abroad.

MEC’ALP Industrie works with mechanical installation, electrical wiring and installing pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Our work ranges from simple installation to assembly of complex parts to meet a customer’s specifications (assembly of high tonnage installations).

Assembly of heavy tonnage equipment such as hydraulic shears, hydraulic presses for the metallurgy industry.

  • Pre-assembly in France or Poland by a team of 3 French expatriates with the support of local staff for 4 weeks.
  • Assembly on site in Russia and / or Ukraine by a team of 4 French expatriates (1 site manager and 3 assemblers) with the support of local staff for 2 to 3 weeks.

Assembly of complete installations of production tools for the recovery of waste.

  • Assembly of the metal structure supporting the machine, gangway, stairs and cabine
  • Assembly of handling conveyors, chutes, hopper and special machines.
  • For a period ranging from 3 weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the process, with a team of up to 16 people.

Assembly of a conveyor system for postal sorting.

  • Installation of roller conveyors.
  • Installation of belt conveyors.
  • Installation of sloping hatches to feed the sorter.
  • Modification and adaptation of chutes.
  • Installation of protective grilles.
  • Adjustment and commissioning assistance.

Assembly of special machines.

Assembly of various special machines for the nuclear and pharmaceutical industry.

MEC’ALP Industrie has a workshop for assembly or small manufacturing.