Industrial Transfer

Industrial Transfer

MEC’ALP Industrie works in partnership with customers to ensure a smooth transfer for machines, production lines (intra or inter site lines), factories and entire workshops, both in France and abroad.

MEC’ALP Industrie means technical expertise, met deadlines and flexibility for customers, ensuring a successful equipment transfer.

Transfer of production unit

Dismantling by a team of 4 people of a set of machine for the fabric industry, including accumulator, rollers, oven …

Industrial assembly transfers in the plastics industry.

  • Dismantling of an industrial complex based in Ireland during 8 weeks by a team of 8 people. Various machines such as carding machine, suction hood, extruder, feed rollers. Assembly of a part of the installation in France and another part in Poland by the same personnel.
  • Intramural transfer of two production lines including extruders, conveyors and robots in eastern France. Construction site from 10 days to 5 people.
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Transfer of metal treatment line

Intramural transfer of a weaving line

  • Dismantling of a weaving line including a warping machine and its set of bobbin supports
  • Duration of the construction site 2 weeks
  • Workforce 6 people

MEC’ALP Industrie provides its customers with a service including :

Disconnection and necessary modification of fluid networks

Disassembly, handling, packaging

Possible restoration

Reassembly and restart assistance

Technical mastery, respect of deadlines and flexibility for the success of their transfer

MEC’ALP Industrie has a workshop for assembly or small manufacturing.